Monday, May 18, 2009

Zoot Scoot Riot......RIOT!!!

When I said we had a fun day planned today...I didn't even realize the amazingness that was to come.

Another late morning then we headed to Snarf's Sandwich Shop, Lauren's fave place to go. We took the sandwiches to eat outside at Chautauqua Park. It must be nice livin in Boulder, picnicking at Chautauqua, seeing all the glorious mountains in the distance! One of our pics of the day (we have had to start cheating and put multiple, some stuff is just too good not to share) is us in front of the Flat Irons after lunch. 

We then headed to Pearl Street, a well known area of Boulder. It's a hopping street with tons of shops and interesting acts (such as a man fitting himself inside a box!). After a few purchases and some strolling, we then headed out....only to drive by a scooter that said "Rent Me" and a phone number.

You bet your bottom dollar we called those Zooter Scooter people up and inquired on the possibly of scooting around Boulder for the rest of the evening. Within thirty minutes of sighting the initial "Rent Me" scooter, there we were...three loons on scooters ready to take on Boulder at a max of 35 mph. (But I swear I got mine up to 38 a couple times!) Please notice my matching pink helmet with my pink scooter.

The scooter experience was one of the most fantastic experiences of all! It was a little scary for us at first, but once we took a few parking lot laps, we hit the road running...or really puttin I suppose. 

I couldn't help but feel so tough and B.A. strutting into the restaurant for dinner with a helmet under my arm...but then remembered I was drivin a Liquor Cycle (as my mother has always called mopeds) so really I wasn't that cool. But I felt like it.

I ate a Buffalo Burger tonight!! Yum.

And I'm almost convinced that I want to save and own a scooter.


  1. i mean, you know i love scooters right? I OWN ONE.
    her name is bella and she is the love of my life. im glad we have another passion to share :)
    love you julia! keep having fun!!

  2. this is nicole keegan, ps.