Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hell's Angels...where are you??!!??

Oh man, what a day it has been.

Another early morning departure had us hightailing it out of Telluride around 7 am with our sights set on Four Corners.

We've been needing to go to a Wal-Mart for a couple days now and had passed by several during our trip, so we decided the first one we saw (which we didn't really expect to see many) we would stop.

Man am I glad we stopped.

After running around and grabbing our necessities, we get in line to checkout and were told it would be a minute because the lady in front of us (let's call her Tammy) tried to buy a whole cart full of stuff worth $1,500 and gave the cashier and empty gift card. Tammy said that she would go get more out of the car, then proceeded to grab the cart and try to leave with it.

So we switched lines and looked over towards the door and ended up getting the show of a lifetime. There was Tammy and her cart trying to get around the Wal-Mart manager, who was preventing her from leaving. Tammy starts screaming how Aisle 15 didn't give her a receipt and kept trying to grab the cart away from the manager. This tug of war went on and then Tammy punches the manager in face! (It was a pretty pitiful attempt at a punch I must say) So then the manager puts Tammy in headlock...and this cycle of tugging, Tammy punching, and then getting headlocked goes on about 2 more times around. In the midst of the action, Tammy stops and yells out "Hell's Angels! Where are you?!" as if big biker men were going to appear from the aisles and put a lickin on the manager.

Since no Angel appeared, Tammy then grabs a carton of cigarettes from her stolen cart and lights one up right there in the store. By then, the manager had called the police. Tammy and manager start marching over to Aisle 15 to talk to the cashier and Tammy flicks the lit cigarette into the aisle (almost hitting Em!).  She spends the next few minutes on a bench by the entrance, smoking her 2nd cig.

The police come, check it all out, and decide to arrest Tammy, who, of course, flips out and starts fighting the arrest, kicking the officer. Another officer sprints over and they throw her on the ground and zip tie her legs together, hand-cuff her, and carry her out like a sack of potatoes.

Who knew we would get to see a woman lassoed today...

Other than that little mishap, we got to stop at Four Corners and be in 4 states at once! Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah! The Navajo Tribe charges $3 per person to go into the monument where the corners are.  The monument is also surrounded by little booths selling Navajo trinkets, jewelry, and even fry bread.

We also had to make a pit stop in Tuba City, AZ (google's in the middle of the desert) because I had a conference call and riding through Arizona you get negative service. So we spend about 2 hours kickin it in Tuba City at this little Coffee Shop (which we still cannot believe existed there).

And last, but certainly not least, WE SAW THE GRAND CANYON!! I really cannot put to words what it is like to stand at the edge and see it. It's a perty darn big hole. But really, we both felt like we could have just sat there for hours just looking at it. It's absolutely ridiculous. We are now dreaming of hiking down into the Canyon and camping for a couple days, and you know what happens when we dream up trips....any takers??

Spending the night in Williams, AZ with Ryan and Christine who work at the Young Life Camp here called Lost Canyon. They are friends of a friend and we love them already!

And our mileage is about 3200 now!


  1. Ooooh my gosh. That is UNBELIEVEABLE. Hahahah I'm so glad that y'all stuck around to watch and were able to share that incredible story. People are just stupid sometimes.

    So glad you got to see my soon-to-be new home. Reading the blog made me more excited to go there!

    OH...and I'm totally down for camping in the grand canyon :)

    LOVE y'all!!

  2. emily,
    my mom and i sit down and read this every day. we can not believe the story about TAMMY, that is hilarious! i miss you!

  3. this makes me more happy than there are words for. :)

    I LOVE Y'ALL and am praying for y'all!!!!

  4. hilarious!

    love the pics of the grand canyon.... it is majestic, isn't it?

    be safe!

  5. oh, so you met Tammy? I sent her out for cigs, I thought there was plenty of money on that gift card...
    oh well, we all get hog-tied and carried out like a sack of potatoes at some point in life, right?

  6. too funny.
    sounds like the trip is going well. the GC is awesome; it's crazy to think water did all that. camping down at phantom ranch is definitely a good time (at least by my standards).