Saturday, May 16, 2009

Over 800 miles in a day...

I just sat down to blog and realized I can't even remember this morning. We left Dallas at 6:50am Central Time and arrived in Boulder 9pm in Colorado time.

287 took us alllll the way from Dallas. If I chose one word to describe today's journey I would say nothing. Driving for hours and hours, all we saw was miles and miles of fields and nothing! We passed tiny towns with populations from 300-2000 tops. In Texas there were oil rigs everywhere.

Little known fact, in Texas even if there is nothing else but a filler station and the post office, many of those tiny towns have Sonic. If you know Em and Jewya, you know that we enjoy a drank from Sonic during their happy hour deal (Em gets a vanilla coke and I get a cherry coke). We literally saw Sonic's at every town, getting excited for our afternoon treat later in the day....and of course from 2-4 there were NO Sonic's to be seen!

But, we stopped in Amarillo for lunch to eat at Beans and Things (recommended by a book I have called Road Food). It was this tiny, local place with a lettered menu and folding chairs. Two women were working, one of them the cook with overalls on. We got a Frito pie and a Cornbread Pie (see the pics of the day) with brisket on top. These pies had beans, chili, and sour cream piled on top of the bread/fritos. It was absolutely delicious....though I will say it mad for an interesting afternoon in the car in the heat of Texas....

We made another pitstop on the side of the road at a fruit stand. Emily got some Pineapple salsa and I purchased some plums.

Lauren Donatucci, another friend from our summer at Castaway, lives in Boulder so we will be hanging out with her for the next two days!!!!!!!!!!!

And our mileage count is about 2300 for the trip.


  1. Hey girls....sounds like the trip is going as planned. Hope CO is as fun in the summer as it was in the winter. Love reading the blogs. How is the manual transmission going? Talk to you Sunday
    Love Dad

  2. Um that picture of Emily...hilarious.