Monday, May 11, 2009

Day One is Done

Picture Caption: Emily C. Cochran, a recent NCSU graduate, gets emotional while hugging Marie Leonard-Hartsell before embarking on the trip of her life. 

Well I bet y'all thought that we had already failed in our daily blog promise...but you are wrrrong!!!

We finally left Salisbury (where beautiful people are born) at 5pm and got to Atlanta around 11. Why did it take that long? One hyphenated word: Books-A-Million. In the luxurious streets of Anderson, SC for some reason we went into this B-A-M and ended up taking an hour break (including Zaxby's dinner and gas). Don't worry, this willy-nilly time management shall not be indicative of our whole trip!!

Anyways...many laughs today...Courtney Lancaster is pregnant...and USA FOREVER!!

PS We hope you enjoy the Pic of the Day. (I have to admit, it was Julia's not Emily's pick)


  1. hahaha I seriously can't wait to read this blog all summer........

  2. YAAAYY!! I enjoyed you kids in mi casa last night! Drive safe!