Thursday, May 28, 2009

Huckleberry's aren't imaginary!

Well today we drove. A lot.

Kicked off the day with some coffee from Tully's, a suggestion we got from Julio in Seattle.

We hit the road by 6:45 am with our sights set on Kalispell, MT where our pals, the Jamisons, live (Kyle we know from Castaway and Emily who I know from UNC). Our early departure got us out of Seattle before traffic!

Here are some highlights of the 9 hour drive:
1. We stopped in George, Washington. Yes, there is a town called George.

2. We got to take 3 state line pics today! To get the Idaho and Washington signs (coming into WA there was a dinky sign in the middle of a bridge) ended up taking us an hour! hahaha. We got the Idaho one, had to turn around to be able to get a WA pic, but the exit was like 3 miles down. As we approached the WA sign, we realized it was right after a bridge so couldn't think in time to figure something out. So turned around again, drove the couple miles to the next exit and planned to try to take a pic out of the window and try and stick our hands and the back of my head in it as we drove by. Emily was crammed on top of all our stuff that is now chaotically strewn in the back seat and right before we got to the sign her camera went crazy! Yes, we are so dedicated to the state line pics that we turned around AGAIN. We stopped close to the bridge where the WA sign is close to and ran over to it, setting the camera on the guard rail and snapping away! Was the extra hour worth it? Definitely. Don't worry, the Montana sign was in a sucky place too...but we figured that one out as well.

3. Huckleberry ice cream from a random place on the side of the road in Montana. Apparently Huckleberries are all the rave out here. They are wild, so people pick them and are really protective of their secret walks they take to find them. I really always thought they weren't a real thing, just the name of a boy in one of my favorite books.

4. A delicious home-cooked meal with the Jamisons!!!!! The meal was so delicious and the company oh so enjoyable that we've adjusted our schedule to stay a little longer here in Kalispell with our friends.

5. Montana. North Carolina is and always will be our favorite state. But Montana. Oh how I love thee! It seriously is beautiful. I know I've said that about a lot of places...but Montana is in a league of it own.

PS Next time you have the pleasure of Emily's company, request that she does her troll impression. It will change your life.

Shout out to Muff.

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