Friday, May 29, 2009

Glaciers and Grizzlies and Goats....oh my!

So we decided to stay an extra day in Kalispell. One, because we realized we just needed more hang time with Kyle and Emily Jamison. Two, because we were just wore slap out.


We slept in until 10 this morning (I’m pretty sure I could have slept until like 1…or later). Then Kyle took us to Glacier National Park!! So incredibly beautiful. We did a 2 mile hike (4 total) to Avalanche Lake. What a sight! When we got there, these two old men were sitting on a bench on the shore of the lake chatting away and pointing and looking through binoculars. They were looking at a Grizzly Bear and her cub!! FYI Glacier has the highest concentration of Grizzlies! So they let us borrow their binoculars to see the bears. Pretty awesome, considering Emily has been saying she wants to see a bear since…I don’t know…Colorado! Also, good thing we had stopped and got our bear spray and bear bell!! Bear Spray is like mase on crack to deter bears from attacking. And apparently loud noises keep bears away…but you have to put up with feeling like Santa Claus is right behind you the whole hike when you bring a bear bell. I suppose it’s worth it to not get eaten.


Unfortunately we did not have time to visit the House of Mystery, a vortex! Bummer.

Kyle had to run off to football practice, so Emily and I went to Moose’s Saloon to eat a late lunch. They had some amazing pizza. If you are ever in Kalispell, you should definitely go. From the outside, it looks pretty abandoned, but it’s delicious!

We got back to the house and realized we didn’t have a way to get back in the house. So instead of taking the nap that we had been looking forward to, we utilized the time to completely repack Mitch and get organized! My oh my it looks so good. We even took Mitch and gave him a bath!! Mitch is so fresh and so clean, clean!

The rest of the evening consisted of dinner time, taking a nap (while Emily read and spent 30 minutes trying to convince the cat to get out from under the porch), and riding around looking for WiFi. We ended up sitting outside of a closed coffee shop mooching their internet.

Headed to Yellowstone tomorrow!!

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  1. Brett and I just read the whole blog in one sitting... Love y'all and praying for you... especially for another Tammy to come along soon for the enjoyment of all us living vicariously through y'all.

    That's right, I just said "Y'ALL"...TWICE... that's what awaits you back home in the great(est!) state of North Carolina. :)

    Love hearing/seeing Jesus in your posts!!!