Friday, May 15, 2009

The Big D

Ashley Davis, Jewya, Em at Dealy Plaza in Dallas!

Sleep! Oh, Sleep, how we love thee! Slept in for a bit this morning, took it easy kickin it with our good old Castaway friend Miss Ashley Nicole Davis, Texas A&M grad and substitute teacher of the universe!

Dallas is a really pretty city! For some reason it kind of reminds me of Charlotte. It doesn’t feel like the buildings are smashed in on top of each other like so many other cities. Very clean.

We visited the Sixth Floor Museum today, which is the museum about JFK’s assassination. He was killed by a sniper rifle from the 6th floor of this textbook supply warehouse, and they have built the museum remembering the event on the exact floor where Lee Harvey Oswald shot the President. If you ever go to Dallas it is worth going to. The museum is very well put together and holds your interest throughout.

The Dealy Plaza, where it all happened looks basically the same today as it did in 1963. It was crazy being in the exact spot that such a terrible thing happened for America.  They have an X painted on the spot in the street where he was hit with the shot that killed him.

Drove by the new Cowboys stadium!!!!! IT IS EVEN MORE MASSIVE THAN THE MEGACHURCHES!!! For reals I’ve never seen anything so big. It can fit up to 100,000 people and they have GIANT screens on the outside to show the game to more people who buy outdoor tickets. George Strait has sold out for his concert there already. Duh.

We also got to experience Dallas nightlife…but only after doing a little shopping. I  usually restrict myself from going into stores such as Anthroplogie but Texas water must have got to my head and there I was, doing it big like a Texan, and actually going into Anthropologie. Don’t worry, I didn’t go crazy…

Anyways, back to night life…we went to see Amos Lee play at the Granada. He was awesome! Emily knew every word, I knew about 5 (“Somethin bout a Southern girl…” you should check it out) but it was a great concert.

We’ll be up quite early in the a.m. Lonnnnng drive tomorrow!



            I walked into the living room, and there was Clairethestupiddog sitting on her little pallet with PUFFY (my beloved stuffed animal) laying there!!! My heart dropped to the floor..but no worries, Puffy is still alive and well. Claire had just carried her away. I no longer like Claire. You don’t mess with Puffy and still get my friendship. It just doesn’t work like that. I’m just putting that out there to all those who have ever thought it might be “funny” to pull a prank and do something to Puffy. I will go crazier than a Momma Bird protecting its young. I’m serious. 

And shoutout to the more likeable dogs belonging to Ashley: Lucy aka Daisy, Cooper, Ginger aka Sandy, and Abby. I may or may not have continued to call all her dogs by whatever name I chose.


And I ate a taco puff today and saw Terry Bradshaw’s humble abode.


  1. OK pallet do you mean bed? haha and B...I think Clair (aka Cooper) just knew it was close to Puffy's time to go!
    Had so much fun with y'all and enjoy the rest of your trip!! XOXO

  2. Hope the stupid dog had it's shots !!