Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello blogfollowers!

Today was another long driving day, full of its rewards!

This morning we ate breakfast at an old country kitchen called Old Smokey's in Williams that was a part of historic Route 66. It was a nice, small town little spot. My pancake was larger than my plate!

We got a tour of Lost Canyon, the YL camp in Williams, AZ. That place is suuuuuper nice. I really loved it and wish it was closer to NC so I could frequent its extravagance.

After leaving Williams, we went on Route 66 for about 70 miles or so...and there were little places ( not so much towns) with some crazy Wild Wild West decorated shops and things...definitely sprouting from the history and popularity of Route 66 back in the day.

We got to see Hoover Dam! It's huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge! We got to walk across it, look down both side, and try and listen in on some passing tour groups. Don't we look dam happy in our pic?? Definitely worth seeing!

We also cruised down the strip in Las Vegas, just to see it all. We didn't stop and gamble or anything...we were happy enough with the Sonic cherry and vanilla cokes we got on the way into town.

Chad Hines is kind enough to let us stay with him during our time in LA. We all watched American Idol and celebrated Kris Allen's victory !

Big Day tomorrow! DISNEYLAND HERE WE COME!!!!!!!

Free Hat (taken from people who paid for the tour) and we also got free buttons and sticker that say DAM PROUD AMERICA!!!!

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