Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Oh my gosh...what a long day.

Toes in the Gulf of Mexico in Gulfport, Mississippi!! Guess who toes are whose?

hmmm....where to start dear followers...

Went from ATL to New Orleans today with a goal to  get to NO about 4 or 5 for dinner and touring then planned to stay with a friend outside the city...

So all day we were quite a jolly pair hoppin through Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. At each state we've been stopping to take a picture at state signs. We took some fun US highway detour rather than interstates for short stretches today.

So we pull into NO about 5ish, my heart beating rather quickly because there are about 490345803 stop signs and all streets are one way and I am not a champion at drivin manual...but we got to a nice expensive parking lot and were ready to roll....then Emily couldn't find her wallet!!! It was no where in the Fit....and then she realized she had left it on top of the car when using it to prop the camera up at the LA state line (one hour back).  

Long story short, we drive all the way back to look for it without much hope...and then MIRACLES OF MIRACLES she starts to find items down the side of the road...first a credit card...then more and more and she ended finding all credit cards and debit cards, check book, 3 $20 bills, and an MVP card (shout out to Food Lion whose home is in Salisbury). Yes, 3 twenty dollar bills were still waiting there on the side of the road. So weird.

So all in all we spend about 30 minutes in New Orleans, ate some beignets, bought 4 postcards and a deck of cards for Nertz. Apologies for lack of humor in today's post. We are exhausted. Blah.

BEST FACT OF THE DAY: Emily drove!!!! FINALLY...


  1. wow--- at least it was an adventure! glad all your wallet contents are safely back in your possession! be safe girls!

  2. when are yall gonna be in seattle? my parents live there if ya'll need a place to stay.


  3. Amazing... I cannot believe you found everything! You have some angels out there watching over you.