Wednesday, May 13, 2009

All My Ex's Live in Texas...

Well I've been in Texas for 8 hours now and I still haven't met George Strait. 

We blazed the trail from Hammond, LA to Dallas, Texas today. Took us about 9 hours total. Crossed the Mighty Mississippi River! I swear I saw Mark Twain floating down...

We were blessed enough to have dinner at PF Chang's by my good friend Meg Lybrand's Mom and Stepdad, Leslie and Steve! So sweet to be treated after a couple of days of PB and J (or B if you enjoy an Elvis Presley special). 

I think a great comparison of our experience traveling through Louisiana versus Texas can be represented by churches. Winding down US Highways through Louisiana we saw vast fields and farmland with lots of small and run down (but occupied) houses...then would see huge, beautiful plantation houses. Interesting how the extreme economic gap extends out to the countryside.  Even way out in the country, about every couple of miles we would see a church: small, white buildings whose seams would be bursting if more than 30 people showed up. It made me wonder why and how so many of these tiny churches could exist in what looked like middle of nowhere country roads in Louisiana. Also, who preaches? 

Then there was Texas. Crossing over the Lonestar State line really meant crossing over into MEGA CHURCH LAND!!!! Seriously, these churches probably could hold more people than the class that graduated with me last Sunday. One of them was converted into a sanctuary out of a mall. 

Yes Texas, you do it big. Even Jesus.

Til tomorrow folks.


  1. You may not meet George, but as you know all his ex's live in Texas.........

  2. Ride em safely.....cowgirls.

  3. Julia,you are hilarious. And Em, maybe you should invest in a fanny pack! Love you

  4. Hey Em--really miss you. Are you coming home soon? It's weird here now that I'm all alone with mom & dad. All is good here-plenty of food & water and a Milk Biscuit once a day. Dad even played tennis ball with me last night. Heard you lost your wallet yesterday-glad to be dog. We don't have responsibilities like wallets, school, jobs, credit cards, etc. Hope your trip is going well, wish I was riding in the back seat.

  5. I'm going to George Strait tonight with Jamie!!!!!! miss you girls.

    19619 nuggets

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