Monday, May 25, 2009

Just another day in Paradise

Emily, Chris, Rachel, Theresa, Julia and Kevin at the bottom. We are just missing two bro's Jacob and Andrew (and his new fiance Amber!)

Guest blogger here, Kevin Reid.  In this picture, I am the one gripping the chair as if the roller coaster is about to begin.  The only roller coaster I'm a part of right now though is the roller coaster of emotions that these fine ladies are putting me through.  They showed up last night and waltzed into my apartment like ostriches ready to mate.  Like Sailors from Deadliest Catch starving for fresh tuna.  Like legless unicyclists. I've known Emily Hartsell and Julia Cochran for years now but our relationships are primarily only executed by phone.  No phone conversations today and none tomorrow because its all about face time right now.  I am very blessed to have these fine gals in town and they seem to be having the adventure of a lifetime.  Right now we are watching The Hills and Stephanie is crying because Lauren had to fire her.  Stephanie is a baby.  Speaking of babies...

Here is Julia, your regular host.

Isn't Kevin a gem??? Today was all about hanging out in Paradise, where Kevin grew up. Chris, Kevin's dad, cooked us awesome breakfast (for real-pancakes are one of my favorite things to eat, and these were the best chocolate chip pancakes I've ever had) We went to his church with his fam, including Aunt Beth and Uncle Dave! Kev's mom had smoked a turkey all day...and it was delicious! 

The rest of the afternoon consisted of just hanging out on the back porch with his family and Kevin taking us on a tour de Paradise. We all grabbed some dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. 

I had my first tennis playing experience today, Emily and I vs Kevin and Bobby (his friend that could totally fit in in the South). We did not end in victory, but it was a good ol' time.

Our evening was spent around a fire, hanging with his family and a couple of his friends and making s'mores.

It's so fun to be able to spend time with the loved ones of somebody you love so much! The Reid's are pretty much some of my absolute favorite people on the planet. Today has made us want to just stick around here for at least a week. It's almost like a fairy tale hanging out with these people, they just love each other and love other people. Did I mention they are all super talented (artists, musicians, etc etc!) so we were treated to some music that Kevin and his brother wrote. They are just the kind of people you wish you could live next door so you could spend endless amounts of time with them.

Who knows what's in store for tomorrow...good night!

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