Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I will never forget the moment we arrived in Telluride...

Another high mileage day through mile high countryside.

I can't even begin to describe to you the beauty that we experienced today. Winding in and out of the mountains, gliding down and crawling out of valleys (literally crawling...that Honda Fit, that we so affectionately call Mitch, could only manage and uphill creep of 40 mph). The limited speed was of no issue considering we are in one of the most beautiful places.

One really exciting thing we got to do today was FINALLY getting happy hour Cokes at Sonic!!! 

Okay that was exciting, but only was a close second to getting to go to Frontier Ranch. FR is the first Young Life camp!! Neither of us had ever been, and for followers outside of the YL bubble, Frontier carries this magical reputation of being absolutely wonderful...or at least that the feeling I've always gotten from other folks. 

Walking around Frontier, I couldn't help but feel like I was on Holy Ground of some sort. It's amazing to think about how many kids have met Christ on that property, how many lives were changed, and really just how many people have come and gone and remember that place as being one of the best times of their lives. It's also crazy to think about how much Young Life has grown since that place was first used for YL.

So...on to Telluride! The subject is an adaptation from Tim McGraw's song about this cute little mountain town. I truly feel like I'm in a movie in this town. Kids riding their bikes to their baseball games, a main street that stops for all pedestrians and lined with colorful, old buildings each with local shops...this place is awesome.

We are staying with Emily's very good friend Dodi Darrow (we're her first guests since she married Andy). She showed us around town, we watched her hubby coach his little league team, then headed up the mountain to their house where she cooked us spaghetti and we watched the season premiere of THE BACHELORETTE!!! (FYI I don't really watch TV except for 2 shows: The Bachelor, and on occasion Living Single...and on the other hand, this is just one of Emily's 32904 shows that she very devotedly follows).

First Pic: Emily's awesome photo skills and just a little taste of what we got to experience today!
Photo 2: Frontier Ranch!!!!!

oh yeah.....we enjoy your comments, questions, concerns and/or snide remarks...so KEEP 'EM COMING!


  1. Love the pics.....can't wait to read the blog everyday.

  2. 1. so good to have y'all!
    2. come back.
    3. myrtle can read?!
    4. thanks for getting me hooked on a show now that the best show (LOST!) is over.
    5. come back!

  3. When you get back...we'll go to the What-a-Burger...forget Sonic !