Sunday, May 24, 2009

I left my heart in San Francisco!

We lovvvvve San Francisco.

A guy on the cable car told us that Mark Twain once said the coldest winter he'd ever experienced was summer in San Francisco....and we surely do believe it! Going from almost having a heat stroke, sweating through our trek across Hoover Dam, to freezing cold weather was a little rough.  We layered up as best we could (considering us Southern girls are used to flip flopping and tank topping through our summer months, we packed minimum amounts of warm clothes).

We ate brunch with a family friend of mine Katie Troxler in the North Beach area at a cute little cafe. Perfect place to warm up with some coffee drinks!

Katie was also sweet enough to take us around they city for a while. After momentarily forgetting where we had parked our car, and also after seeing some GIANT black dogs that were definitely bigger than Em, we drove out across the Golden Gate bridge! It was super foggy today (as Marlene, one of our amazing hostess's last night informed us that the locals call it May Gray....something about the warm air from the other side of the mountains and the cool air from the water...) but we could still see Alcatraz and the got a good view of the "International Orange" wonder. 

After the bridge, and after paying the $6 toll to go back across it, we went to....drumroll, please....... GHIRADELLI SQUARE! Oh chocolately heaven on earth! Did you know they gave out free Ghiradelli treats?! We got a free peanut butter one and a caramel one. We also went to the ice cream shop they have there and got their famous, to-die-for-i'm-being-serious-it's-so-good sundaes! Check them out below... They are mint chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter sundaes:

Katie had to jet after treating us to ice cream and dropped us off in front of the cable car ticket booth where Emily and I got one way trips on the famous Cable Cars of San Francisco! We ended waiting almost an hour (memorial day weekend brought a lot of tourists apparently)...but we decided it was well worth the wait. We did have the enormous pleasure of listening to a local musician play guitar along with some karaoke background tunes to some popular songs....of which he probably knew about 35% of the lyrics to (Free Falling started out "She's a good girl, crazy 'bout Elvis, Loves Jesus"....) Once it was finally our turn, the cable car brake worker yelled out "All the single ladies can ride on the back with me!" Well you bet that is where you found us! It was the best place to ride because it's the least cramped since there is a limit of two people standing on the back with him, it's blocked from the wind, and you can see everywhere. Cable Car=worth the wait and the 5 bucks for sure!

We left San Francisco about 6, driving across the Bay Bridge (on the bottom leaving SF) and through Oakland.

Took us about 3 hours or so to get to Chico. I'm tellin' you, 3 hours driving is like a blink to us these days.

We're staying with our super friend Kevin Clayton Reid in Chico, CA for the next few days. He interned with us at Castaway 2007. 

His roommate Jordan has a pet snake named Ruby. Tonight, I put Ruby around my neck. My heart rate definitely increased the first few moments...


  1. that picture is detrimental to my health. (not the ice cream one. the snake one.)

  2. glad to hear Mitch is holding up (at least according to one of the posts) even if it had to slow down a bit for the rockies. While driving from school to NC today, A informed me in a panic that the Green Machine was decelerating despite a depressed gas pedal and that we needed to call dad. I informed her we were in fact going over Bear Mtn. and that she needed to downshift on hills. It happens. Hondas are troopers, I'm sure Mitch will keep right on trucking for the ride back.


  3. emily that dog really is bigger than you