Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Official Groupies of the Band!!!!!

The Kevin Reid Project from Chico, CA. Top: EmCoch, Kevin, Jason Matel, Greyson Bottom: Little Jason, Jacob Gardner Ried, Miss America Julia Hartsell

Today was Chico day. Kevin grew up in Paradise...but now he lives in Chico, where he attends California State University at Chico...or as everyone else calls it Chico State.

Kevin was sweet enough to let his southern belles sleep in (we stayed up late laughing and rhyming) until about 11. After dragging ourselves off of the air mattress that Kevin purchased just for our comfort, we were given the grand tour of Chico! We lunched at Burger Hut, a local place, with Jason Matel and Kevin's new fellow band member Little Jason. Good burgers and crispy fries.

Emily and I somehow landed backstage practice passes to attend The Kevin Reid Project practice!! Check them out if you don't already know their tunes. Sweating in drummer Greyson Collins's garage, we got to experience magical musical melodies so sweet to our ear drums.

We spend the rest of the afternoon just hanging out with Kevin, relaxin all coolin' all watchin some bball up on the tube. In the evening we "had a barbecue" as Californians would say (back home we say grilling out or having a cookout, naturally) and Kev grilled us up some yummy grub while we played Bocce Ball in the yard. I attempted to juggle the Bocce Balls and hit injured myself in the shoulder, falling to my knees causing itching irritation to my legs for the next hour, even after hosing off.

Being Monday night, we watched the Bachelorette!! We both are pretty disappointed in Jillian's early generosity with her kisses...but that won't stop us from being faithful watchers!

We played a game called Loaded Question with everyone (Emily's friends should all know how hilarious this game is). I won't explain it, but next time you see either or both of us, we will be happy to teach and/or play with you!

It's after midnight here in Chico, so we are going to sleep soon...early rising in the morning for departure!

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  1. emily...i'm so glad you're having fun. good news, you were featured in the enloe senior slideshow three times today!