Friday, May 22, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!


We are currently sitting here about to fall into a deep coma due the sheer exhaustion of such an exciting day.

We managed to ride all the rides that we wanted to ride...including Space Mountain TWICE!!

We utilized the Fast Pass system, in which you go and get a ticket for a specific hour and come back and get to skip alllll the lines and go to the front!

Somehow fate brought us to sit in the front on Splash Mountain...the seats that get the most soaked! And did we mention that we didn't get to the ride until 5:30 so the heat of the afternoon sun was pretty much gone. Soaked and a dee doo da, zip a dee day!

It was like stroller mania in Disneyland. Seriously I think there were was a 1:3 ratio of people to strollers. We even saw a lady pushing one stroller and pulling another. 

Julia was a little sad that she didn't get to go through line and meet all the princesses and be made over into a princess with glittery hair and a tiara...

After tackling Disneyland, we wanted to go to California Adventures (the other park that we bought park hopper passes to) for just and hour or two. Well we didn't check on the time that the other park was open, and assumed that it would be open til 9 like Disneyland. So we stroll over and enter in about 5:45. Just as soon as we got a map and decided which ride we would go to, we hear a man on the intercom announcing that the park was closing! Whoops.

It was okay, we just went back and rode Space Mountain for the second time...and ate gumbo and bread bowls for dinner from the New Orleans section. Considering we kind of missed out on New Orleans the first time on our trip due to lost wallet escapades, we figured going and eating in the Disneyland version would be a good idea.

Please check out our Space Mountain pic from out second time below:

And this statue is called "Partners" in honor of good ol' Walt and we thought we'd pose like 'em!

Mickey is short. BUT WE GOT TO MEET HIM!

oh we can barely keep our eyelids open..............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I was told to tell you there is a problem with this pic of you, Em and Mickey. Coop said, "I'm not in the picture!"

  2. wonderful!!! way to utilize the fast pass action!
    looks like so much fun! yay fun sleepy fun time space princess girls! ;-P

  3. Emily ~ I know you must be having a great time! I talked with your mom "over the Fence" and she is so delighted to be able to read the blog and see what a wonderful time you are having! Be safe and enjoy your great trip!

    (Debie ~ your next door neighbor)

  4. hahaha that picture of ya'll on the roller coaster is hilarious! looks like ya'll are having so much funnnn. can't wait to see you at home!