Saturday, May 23, 2009

Caution: This Post May Cause Overexcitement.

We would like start out this post with an apology. We are sorry but today was pretty uninteresting. We can't even muster up a good "Tammy" or lost wallet story. So instead, I decided to make it interesting by making the font green. Watch out now! Crazy things are a-happening! 

We drove from LA to San Francisco today...partially up the California Highway 1 along the coast. It was beautiful seeing the beaches, though the day turned out to be very overcast.

We did stop in Santa Barbara and we ate lunch at this place (again from our Road Food book!) called La Super Rica. It's this tiny little taco shack with cheap grub. It was absolutely delicious! They only took cash, so I was asking the lady behind me where the nearest ATM was and she was super rica nice and insisted that I let her pay for my meal! She handed me some money and saying that she knows it'll come back to her some day...which sounds like stuff my mom does. And ya know, when you give like that, it really does always end up coming back to you. So thanks Santa Barbaran lady! 

We opted for some fine dining for dinner at McDonald's. Oh how I love the chicken mcnuggets at MickeyD's...dipped in honey, of course...brings me back to my childhood when GaGa (my grandmaw) would come see my dance recitals and buy my a 20 piece nugget every year! yummmm 

Well our pic of the day is Mitch (remember, what we've been calling the Fit) on the coast of Cali! Big props to our wheels that keep puttin us from place to place... over 4,000 today!! All words of encouragement to Mitch and Carlos (the stick shift) are appreciate and will be delivered promptly.

Gonna hang out with Katie Troxler tomorrow in San Fran! Staying with some YL connections Wendy and Marlene in their awesome apartment in SF.

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  1. I just want y'all to know I'm very jealous and keeping updated. You should come wayyyy up north - to the ROC.

    Have fun - stay safe.