Sunday, May 17, 2009


Boulder is amazing! Check out these kewl shades in Boulder!

We slept in today again. So nice after driving all day yesterday. Lauren, who we are staying with, works at Apple (yep, she's a Genius at Apple) had to work today so we slept in and met up with her on her lunch break.

This morning I also felt inspired to participate in some physical activity considering I spent 14 hours in yesterday and after that Frito Pie I felt my thighs just melting into cellulite oblivion. So I decided to go on a little run around Boulder. Well I should have remembered I need an oxygen tank to help me breath in the Rockies.  Not to mention it's been a few long weeks since I've been active. But really, the air is so different. But nice...reallllll nice.

After lunch, we walked around Boulder Creek in the Central Park in Boulder. We got a great taste of life in Boulder just walking around. A ton of people on bikes everywhere, some homeless population, a family of dreds (kids and parents all had them!), runners, walkers, people reading....all you North Carolinians reading, you could probably compare it to Carrboro or Asheville, but much bigger...and ya know the whole Rocky Mountains visible at all times thing. I also noticed that the population here is generally taller. Big old mountain folks I suppose.

Emily and I spent the afternoon laying in the park and reading (Em read The Weight of Glory by CS Lewis, I'm reading East of Eden by John Steinback). 

Tonight we ate on Pearl Street, well known place of Boulder which we will be revisiting more tomorrow. Then went and spent some time with Lauren's parents that we know from working at Castaway. Oh JJ and Ray Donatucci. Great folks. Did you know that the reason why Wedding invitations have 2 envelopes is because a long time ago the horsemen would deliver the whole envelope, then the servant/butler would then take the inner envelope out of the outer one because it was dirty? JJ Donatucci enlightened us on this tonight.

I also learned Emily does not enjoy being tickled. hehe Ammunition for the rest of her life...

Stay tuned, we have a fun day planned tomorrow in Boulder!


  1. yay for reading! sounds like y'all are having fun!

  2. so.. when will you be seeing me?? im awaiting your arival with GREAT anticipation... need i say more?
    PS.. we could take a trip to the center of TN!

  3. I love John Steinback! East of Eden is such a powerful story. We loved meeting you for your brief stop in Texas and were glad you enjoyed the SIxth Floor Museum. xoxoxo :) Steve and Leslie (Meg's Old People)