Friday, April 1, 2011

Masters of all things "city"

Emily was spotted with two giants yesterday. Or at least that's what it looked like when she stood in between Cierra and Elizabeth Williams (Player of Year and MVP of McD's game- no big deal...she's going to DOOK).
note: we had to take a pic of a pic with my phone from the back of Em's cam, so this is technically a bootleg pic...

We got to spend time with Ci that morning before she hopped on a bus to go to another all-america game in Indianapolis (the WBCA Convention). It was fun realizing that we were hanging around the TOP basketball players in the country. UConn, Tennessee, DOOK recruits....We even saw Marshall Plumlee and Cody Zeller...whose brothers play at DOOK and Carolina. After realizing both the Plumlee and Zeller families have produced three boys who've gone D-1 apiece, I decided that my next goal in life is to find someone with which I can repeat such an accomplishment. If you know of any available giant, basketball playing men....point them my way.

We then meandered over to Navy Pier...pretty cool spot to see. We were able to get some Garret's Chicago Style popcorn to snack on our bus ride. Chicago Style= Cheese popcorn+Caramel popcorn. Sounds really strange, but tastes really good.

We have graduated from elementary busrider champions to SUBWAY QUEENS! No, no, no...we did not down 2 five dollar footlongs apiece...we mean the L-Train! The L took us over to Wrigleyville, where we were to meet our dear friend Natalie Butters! (shoutout to Castaway summer '07...the summer Emily got stuck with me for the rest of her life...)

In Wrigleyville, Em purchased my fave book To Kill A Mockingbird at this really great used bookstore called the Bookworks.

I played on the ladder there.

Pretending to be Belle.

After our dreams of eating at the local Cubby Bear (aka CubbyBunny) were shattered....we settled down for a nice afternoon 4 hour lunch with Natalie.

Wrigleyville is a great place to wander if you come to CHITOWN. Also, you should hit up Strange Cargo. A small apparel shop that will print all kinds of Chicago type, obscure, and unfortunately some obscenebutreallyfunny shirts. Emily got a shirt that says I'VE BEAN HERE with the Chicago Bean on it. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Giant thrifstore....with a few somewhat questionable elements...such as the "pornuary." Eek.

(I'm sure you are know wondering what a pornuary is. See below for the best descriptor)

True to our we-like-to-relax habits, Em and I came back to our 38th floor home to watch a movie and eat some chicago deep dish pizza from a pizzeria down the street.

PS Today I finally understood what a hashtag means. #omgmylifetotallychangedLOLZ

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