Thursday, March 31, 2011

'member that time we conquered America?

Well, we're back.

Not on a roadtrip, but a wait-on-the-runway-for-two-hours-why-do-we-always-have-terrible-flight-delays-when-we-fly-together trip by plane to the Windy City...Chi-town...Chi-to the ca-to the gogo! (shoutout to LLH)

We only thought it appropriate to revive this old thing to share our adventures with friends just as we did that faithful summer 2 years ago....because, hey, this IS adventure and this IS america...right? Dern Skippy.

"BAD WEATHER, MY ASS! WE HAD A BROKEN PLANE" says the flustered business man as we fiiiiinnnaaallyyyyy step foot onto Illinois soil. Only 2 hours behind sched. Not too bad. (sorry I cussed, english teacher in middle school told me it was cool if we were reading or quoting.)

The man, the myth, the legend, watchouthe'llspoilyourotten Matt Grander picked us up from the airport to take us to our fabulous 38th floor condo we will be living in the next 4 days. We step out onto the balcony and see far out into Lake Michigan, then turn and see Wrigley Field, and we think to ourselves we have the best friends in the world! (see view below)

hello awesome view!

Wrigley Field is that large mass kinda to the left.

With a home, a full belly, some plans, an infinite bus pass, and a hug, we set off on our own. What? You worried about two small-town, Southern girls navigating Chicago's transit system? Us too.

BEETEEDUBS. The whole inspiration for this trip was to come and watch Miss Cierra Burdick, current Butler High School star, future Tennessee Lady Vol star, most relevantly MCDONALDS ALL AMERICAN!, and most importantly Julia's homegirl play in her MickeyD's Allstar Game.

So as we TRIUMPHED over that bus system, arriving at the United Center to watch our girl Cierra throw down upon the West team, we figured that considering we noticed that there had been approximately 783 restaurants per square inch in Chicago seen thus far, there would probably be a few options for pregame dinner right next to the place...right? Nope.

Walking a few blocks, freezing and starving....hope arrives on the horizon....or wait, is it hope? or am I just weirded out by that sign? Billy Goat Tavern and Grill: Cheez borger Cheez Borger Cheez Borger NO PEPSI "COKE"

um. dooo wut?

erupting into puzzled giggles, we reached no conclusion as to what NO PEPSI "COKE" meant (though it was on the flag and in fluorescent flag form), we tromped passed this goldmine of oddity....

I know I've drowned you with endless detail on just one I'll give you the highlights of the game:
*Cierra straight BALLED. Started, played lots of minutes, looked awesome in her red McD's uni (not to mention they gave her three sweatsuits, three pairs of shoes, and endless other items of clothing)
*At half time, she was given the Naismith Award for best sportsmanship throughout her season and time with the other players and coaches.
*The girls game was way more fun to watch than the guys. Whoops, did I just mean that? yep.
*You should have seen her superstar statusness as people were asking for her John Hancock left and right.
*The best highlight about the game, and about her really, is that her bball talent is just one factor of how wonderful this girl is. I'm telling you, she's something special beyond an orange ball and net: the strongest work ethic I've ever seen, a selfless attitude, a huge heart, humility that is almost baffling, hilarious, fun, intelligent....she's the real deal peeps.

Thanks for giving us another chance. Until tomorrow folks.
And we will have more pics...alas! technical difficulties

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