Friday, April 1, 2011

It's rainin fans! HALLELUJAH! It's rainin fans!

The forecasted rain may have held off for the Cub's opening day....but Chicago was flooded with Cubs fans EVERYWHERE in the city. Pouring out of the subway, crowded on the street, in Wrigleyville, on Michigan Ave....the blue and red circled-C was seen everywhere we looked. It was nice to see such mass support and excitement for the local sports team. I don't believe the weathermen of espn would ever predict such a fanstorm for the Bobcats in Charlotte....

Cubs Fans galore at the bar right outside the field!

Our plan to bolt out the door, ready to tackle the day by 9:30am was thwarted when 1) I couldn't quite hop out of the matter how gently-and gradually louder due to alarm settings-Ray Lamontagne was singing to me and 2) sleepy girl+movie last night= had to blog this morning!

So, Emily patiently waited on me to wake up, sip coffee, fret over word choice, and get ready.

We made it to our selected "breakfast" spot by-drumroll please................noon! We dined at an eggcellent restaurant called Yolk (as suggested by roommate Taylor Florio). Every time I googled the restaurant I kept spelling it "yoke" and not "yolk." Some would say this was an error. I would say I'm just that holy.

mmmm egg-bacon-avocado-quesadilla-wrap-thing

Today's forecast called for rain. Since I'm made of sugar, in such condition I would surely melt. So today was museum type activities day. After waiting in the mile-long-line outside Shedd aquarium, braving the cold, constant mist for about ehhh 15 minutes, we made a game-time decision to get a Citypass which would get us into 5 of the museums/aquarium/Willis Tower-formerly know as Sears Tower deck BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY LET US SKIP THE LINES!! BRING ON NEMO!

Did we actually find Nemo in the Shedd aquarium? Indeed! And a few cousins. Plus some sea horses. And about 98024890 other species of fish.
epitome of a kissy fishy face.

I tell you what- that citypass is legit! Skipping lines, a 4-D movie, AND the live animal show? Yes please! I know what you're thinking-what the heck is the 4th D? Glad you asked, it's the cool air rushing in when you watch a storm blowing over the penguin huddle, the bubbles that pour out when the sea lions swim and play, and please don't forget the shaking chairs and the punch in the back at the moment a shark snatches one of those lions by the teeth that scares the absolute crap out of you so much so that you literally scream out loud. Yes, the chair punches you in the kidney.

Baby Beluga in the deep, blue sea...errrr-tank! The live show consisted of these white whales, flippin dolphins, and a floppy huge sea lion.

#penguinsinlove #presh

EVEN THOUGH WE'VE BEAN THERE, WE WENT AGAIN! To the bean, that is. How can you resist a giant mirror bean? We couldn't.

After riding a SUPER crowded train back towards our humble abode, we freshened up for one of the nicest dinners we've ever had-sponsored by our dear host mind you. Brushcetta, tortellini, duck, magnificent creamy potatoes, and chocolate bread pudding--between "breakfast" and that Italian splendor, I'm not due to eat again til June. We now find ourselves reclining on the couch, full bellied and sleepy from adventure.

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