Thursday, June 4, 2009

In 48 hours, the trip of a lifetime will be in our pasts.

We are in Lebanon, Ohio tonight with Em's Aunt Barbara and Uncle Ronny. We thought we'd be here by dinner time, but due to a little forgetfulness of losing an hour time change and some random 2:30 Chi-town traffic....AND some miscalculation of roads.....we got here at 11 pm. The time change and traffic put us behind 2 hours, and our little mistake another 1.5 hours. You would think we would have mastered this whole navigation thing by now...

Anyways, our last day with Natalie today was quite glorious. I woke up early with Nat to go on a walk with her mom and mom's friend earlyyyyy. I got a nice little tour of the GE, along with their opinions on outside decor of homes. Emily slept.

Once dragging Miss Riseandshine Cochran out of bed, we went (Em still in her pajamas) to Caribou to meet Bob Davidson, another Young Life friend from Castaway 2007. After soaking in the humor, wisdom, and basic awesomeness of Mr. Davidson...we ate lunch at a cute, little place called Honey (where Bob's wife actually bakes the most delicious cupcakes we've ever had....esp the Vanilla Bean ones).

Natalie sipped on a glass bottle Cheerwine that we brought her while we packed, savoring the last few moments of having southern belles in her presence. Then it was Hit the Road Jack...and off to Lebanon we went!

FELLA's: This yankee sippin' on Cheerwine is SINGLE!!!! Holla if you want her digits

Aunt Barbara was ready for us...Steak and potatoes warmed to feed our growling bellies....and a cake for Em's 22nd birthday which will occur on Saturday, June 6. 252-947-2980 if you want to call her and tell her that she has great taste in friends and road trip partners...oh, and if you wanna give her a little happy b-day wish as well.

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  1. dear julia. i love you. i miss you. but. but. i dont know how or why but if that muff shout out was for me... we might have to renegotiate our current standings.

    love always (maybe),
    miff (thats as close to acceptable as it gets)

    p.s. loving the blog and very jealous. although, HUGE HUGE mistake by skimming the midwest. you dont even know.