Monday, June 1, 2009

Maddie Deegan took my job at Castaway.

Good news party peeps...we decided to go back and see all those stone Presidents! George, Tom, Abe, and Teddy were still there, waiting on our return to come and snap a pic or two. Again, we did not pay the ten bucks required to park and gander. If you ever go, just see it from the's a great view.

We made a little pit stop in the "downtown" part near Rushmore to get some postcards. I also purchased a yellow tee for $3.99!!

So we finally left Rapid City area around 9:30. Approximately 9:32 was the time we saw the first Wall Drug advertising sign on the side of the road. Then for the next 45 miles, we saw sign after sign a couple hundred feet apart informing us of all the glories that Wall Drug had to offer. We couldn't help but just drool at the thought of stopping at such a wonderland. Wall, SD: thank you for providing us with an opportunity to waste ours and so many others time by pulling over to see the drug store who at first only offered ice water in a time where such a thing was scarce. Today, you offer us a giant T-Rex head that lights up, smokes, and growls every 12 minutes when it is "feeding time."

Sorry South Dakotans, your state has officially been voted the most boring state to drive through. It felt like we drove 3 days just to get to Sioux Falls (on the opposite side of SD than Rapid City)...and then we still had 1.25 states to drive North before veering east across the Minnesota border towards Castaway.

But thanks to Wall Drug, we had a Mad Lib book and some America Brain Quest Trivia to entertain us for hours today! The current score on trivia is very, very close (Julia is up by just a few, but it constantly fluctuates).

We finally got to some familiar turf around 8ish. Stopping by Castaway (where we spent our Summer 2007 and really the birthplace of our friendship), we headed to the most delicious pizza place I've ever experienced, Zorbaz!! (Or you can call it Zanza's like me) We devoured our pizza, took a pic of where Emily, Lauren (remember our Boulder friend!) and I wrote our intern classes name from 2007.

After dinner, we've been kicking it with all the new interns here at Castaway, some we know, some we just met. We are both very very very very very very jealous of these folks to be just beginning such a great summer! It's hard not to be at YL camp this summer, but I guess we don't have it so bad going on such a spectacular road trip.

Don't worry, we will be returning to Zanza's for lunch tomorrow.

Until tomorrow brings us more words to share...


  1. Did I eat at this restaurant??

    BTW...ECU won their regional NCAA baseball tourney, held in Gville... Beat SC 10-9 in the bottom of the 10th. They tied the game in the 9th with a three run homer. Go Pirates.

  2. I feel like I'm experiencing de ja vu...last week about this time i was visiting yellowstone, the presidents and wall drug. weird huh? I should have hidden notes for you along the way. Did you spend the night in Sioux Falls? We spent 1 night there. It sounds like you are having a blast....Can't wait to keep reading! : )